Indiana Jones Autographs

online 19 march 2005 - last update 26 December 2010 - currently 44 names

Latest additions

Sean Patrick Flannery, Young Indiana Jones Series
Jonathan Ke Quan, Indiana Jones 2
Kevork Malikyan, Indiana Jones 3
George Harris, Indiana Jones 1
Ahmed El Shenawi, Indiana Jones 2
Alexei Sayle, Indiana Jones 3
Danny Webb, Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
George Lucas & Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones 2
Shia LaBeouf & Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones 4


I started my collection in 2003, many years after the release of the films, but didn't get round to putting my collection online until 19th March 2005, after the DVD-box with the three original films had already been released.

The reason for the late publication of the website is the fact that I only had my collection of Star Wars autographs online and that remained my focus. That collection has quite an international reputation and I wanted to be known as the Star Wars expert on autographs in Europe. My vanity stopped me from publishing any other autograph collection at the time. But as I realized that collectors of Star Wars autographs wouldn't consider my other collections a betrayal to the Force, I reconsidered and put my other autograph collections online.