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This is our day-to-day story, starting on Friday 25th May 2012, actually the 35th Anniversary of 'Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope'!


Enjoy this story by the fans, for the fans.


Will we soon bring you a video documentary as well as a book, filled with fantastic photographs of this once-in-a-lifetime undertaking.




On this page, the Pioneers who traveled to Tunisia to Save the Lars Homestead, share with you their very own adventure.

Re-live the excitement of pulling off a restoration that has been one of the most anticipated projects in a galaxy far, far away.

Your guides are: Mark Dermul, Terry Cooper, Mark Cox, Robert Cunningham, Imanuel Dijk and Michel Verpoorten (more on our crew on this page). Oh, and lets not forget our 'caterer', Colin Kenworthy. After all, he supplied us with cool drinks and icecreams when we most needed them.

Day 5


Tuesday 29th May 2012


The Saviours got up at 5am. Or as Terry called it ‘silly o’clock’. The others soon agreed. They arrived at the construction site at 6am to find the local builders already waiting for them with the materials. So far, so good. While Imanuel got back to work on the steps, Terry and Robert worked on the holes in the roof of the igloo. Coxie got started on the wood panels that needed to go all around the base of the homestead while Michel and Mark started cutting up the chicken wire that would be stapled on the wood panels. That way, the base of the building would be reinforced. Screws were put into the panels as well, to allow for a better grip for the cement, that would be applied the day after. Around noon, the temperature was an unbelievable 50°C (admittedly, in the car) and we had to call it a day. But they were happy with the work they had gotten done already. Progress was definitely being made. They drove back to Tozeur in silence, pretty exhausted. The desert had drained them. But a hearty lunch of brick and couscous and a lot of drinks gave them the opportunity to recuperate.


Since going back out to Nefta was no use – the cement and plaster would be delivered the next day – they drove out to Bouhlel once more. Not to revisit the canyon, but an oasis nearby, where Lucasfilm had shot scenes from another famous movie some three decades earlier: Raiders of the Lost Ark. The oasis still resembles the Tanis Dig Site from the Indiana Jones movie. The Well of Souls, the Map Room, the Landing Field, it is all still there. The landowner joined them to explain what happened. He was a 14 year old kid at the time of filming and remembered it well. Imanuel started digging at the Well of Souls and uncovered a nice piece of set dressing. As the wind started picking up, storm clouds forming on the horizon, the Saviours covered up the piece for future amateur archaeologists to (re)discover and returned to Tozeur. After all, they had to get back up at 5am and still needed to update their Facebook page at the local internet café. All work and no play! 


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Crew & Saviours

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Find out who who donated to make this restoration possible and meet the crew who traveled out to Tunisia to make it happen.



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We are currently hard at work creating a wonderful coffee table book, with loads of never before seen images. Stay tuned!