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This is our day-to-day story, starting on Friday 25th May 2012, actually the 35th Anniversary of 'Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope'!


Enjoy this story by the fans, for the fans.


Will we soon bring you a video documentary as well as a book, filled with fantastic photographs of this once-in-a-lifetime undertaking.




On this page, the Pioneers who traveled to Tunisia to Save the Lars Homestead, share with you their very own adventure.

Re-live the excitement of pulling off a restoration that has been one of the most anticipated projects in a galaxy far, far away.

Your guides are: Mark Dermul, Terry Cooper, Mark Cox, Robert Cunningham, Imanuel Dijk and Michel Verpoorten (more on our crew on this page). Oh, and lets not forget our 'caterer', Colin Kenworthy. After all, he supplied us with cool drinks and icecreams when we most needed them.

Day 9


Saturday 2nd June 2012

Getting up at 4am is even worse than ‘silly o’clock’. But since the intercontinental flight at 7am required them to check in at 5am, there was no other option. Only Colin had an afternoon flight, but he was kind enough to poke his head around the door to say goodbye before returning to his pleasant dreams. They dropped off the car, checked in their much heavier baggage (they had brought several kilos worth of sand and non salvageable parts of the homestead) and got breakfast. After changing their dinar back to euro and buying last minute souvenirs in the duty free shop, they finally boarded the plane that would drop them off in the much cooler Brussels at 11am. They have no idea whether the flight was uneventful or not. All they were told after they arrived was that there had been some complaints about snoring…


The airport was the place to say goodbye. Michel was being picked up by his wife at the airport, Mark Cox, Terry Cooper and Robert Cunningham took the Eurostar to London, leaving Mark and Imanuel to take the train to Ghent. Imanuel would spend another night at Hotel Dermul before driving back home to Holland.


The very same day, the result of the project was posted on Facebook and the website, provoking many reactions from around the world that brought big smiles to the Saviours’ faces.


But while the work in Tunisia was done, the work back home – creating a completely new website, editing a video and creating this book – was only about to begin.


This will be a week long remembered.



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Crew & Saviours

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Find out who who donated to make this restoration possible and meet the crew who traveled out to Tunisia to make it happen.



Pic 7

We are currently hard at work creating a wonderful coffee table book, with loads of never before seen images. Stay tuned!