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Photo Album

We obviously want to share our adventure with you, the fans. After all, the Save the Lars Homestead is a restoration project by the fans, for the fans.





Thursday 31st May 2012


Door decoration needs prepping

Plastering some more

Finalizing the plaque

Michel documents everything

Full up that hole, Manny!

Michel, our photographer

Leave the concrete base to dry

Faster, more intense

The Tunisian crew leaves after three days of hard work

Still a lot to be done, though, so we keep at it

Every piece is individually affixed

'That looks good, Mark, keep going'

Painting begins

Everybody paints

More paint please!

Keep it up!

Almost done...

Manny painting the door decoration

Last lick of paint

And it's done!

Look how beautiful she is now

Back to her old self

Down to the last detail

Luke's home is back!

A job wel done, team!