This is my collection of 1150 different autographs!
More will be put online as soon as I can get my hands on them.  Check back regularly!

While I have a collection of over 6500 items, it's no use posting 12 Dave Prowse or 9 Carrie Fisher items, now is it?  Therefore I have only listed ONE item per name (with a few exceptions).  I have also not counted (nor published) the 100+ signed action figures as I always have a photo of the same character at least.

I have a separate page for my signed posters.

Hence the number mentioned above is the actual count of the names I have obtained.


How it works

The items are listed alphabetically under the last name of the cast- and crewmembers.  Click on the corresponding letter of their name to see the collection.

Example : if you are looking for 'Harrison Ford - Han Solo'; check out the letter F for Ford.

If you want to see me with the actual cast- or crewmember, visit the album page.