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All these links are about the Man of Steel:

www.supermanreturns.com, the official site from Warner Brothers

www.supermanhomepage.com, all about the Man of Steel

www.supermansupersite.com, the ultimate Superman site

www.krytonkid.com, the most fun site accross the pond

www.geocities.com/kal_iz, all about action figures

www.superherodb.com, the database on all superheroes

www.supermancinema.co.uk, all about the Superman movies

www.supermanmegasite.com, if you just cannot get enough

These are personal links:

www.bountyhunter.be, my autograph providing service

www.markdermul.be, the portal to all my autograph collections

www.starforce.be, the event organisation of which I am president


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