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Mark, who is a whisky blogger and vlogger, has tasted over 2.500 different whiskies, is the member of the Connosr whisky community site with the most whisky notes under his belt and has produced over 115 tasting notes on video that you can see on his YouTube channel. He has been involved with the selection of casks on numerous occasions. These are his tasting notes of this Save Lars Whisky.

Save Lars Whisky Final Fan Edition!

Balmenach 14 Year Old 2001/2015, refill sherry cask , 50,2% ABV

After the peated Bruichladdich and the bourbon-matured Auchentoshan, we wanted something special for the third and final bottling of the Save Lars Whisky. After more than a year of looking for the right cask, we finally found it in this outstanding Balmenach, a fruity Speyside whisky which matured for 14 years on a refill sherry cask.

Fairly sweet nose on banana and pineapple, but it is dominated by sweet malt. Some silver polish that I quite like, as if it was poured by R2-D2 on Jabba’s Sail Barge. Some pine and grain biscuits. The fruit evolves towards the candied variety. Some vanilla and gooseberries. Nice nose.

The arrival is powerful and peppery. Immediately sweet on white fruit, pineapple and some banana (although less than on the nose), but now some citrus fruit kicks in. Think grapefruit and lime. Light and fresh with a good body. This is quite enjoyable.

The finish may be short, but it is spicy with some pepper at the death.

Lovely and accessible whisky that would do well in Chalmun’s Cantina in Mos Eisley and hence a wonderful conclusion of our bespoke whisky trilogy in commemoration of the Save Lars project.

Mark Dermul - 18/08/2015

We hope you too will enjoy this bespoke whisky!

Save Lars Whisky Rambling

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