Here you can reach Tour Guide Mark Dermul if you have any questions with regards to this website or his book (or the Trip in general).

Mark Dermul
Bernheimlaan 89
9050 Gentbrugge

mobile: 32-486/300.950. (this is a mobile number in Belgium. Please keep an eye on the time zone. If you live outside Europe, you may want to consider that I may be asleep when you call me... Thanks!)
skype: markdermul
or simply use this e-mail address to send me a message:

Please bear in mind

Something to think about.

I live in Belgium, so please bear in mind my location when calling me. E.g. if you call me from Tokio in the evening, I'll probably still be at work, if you call me from New York in the evening, I'll most definitely be fast asleep.