Big update, peeps! No less than 9 new tasting notes (look for those dated 30/10), 5 new videos and thre new bottles added (American Oak Reserve, Dark Oak and another beautiful distillery cask). Enjoy!


Another small update to the Toshan Man Collection. Added a miniatures from Malts of Scotland's Warehouseshop, a custom made light grey Toshan Man T-shirt and was also able to secure two bottles of Douglas Laing's Old Particular Auchentoshan 22 Year Old 1996 Halloween Edition. Turns out it's quite a brilliant malt!


Der Feinschmecker is a German Goumet shop and they also offer fine spirits. They have had several single malts bottled exclusively for them by Malts of Scotland, the German independent bottler. But Der Feinschmecker does not ship abroad. Enter my German buddy Heiko and - tada - two bottles have entered the collection, one to keep and one to share. It's good to have friends all over the world.


I am always on the lookout for additions to the Toshan Temple and sometimes - not often - do I coma across a rare find. Like this fantastic Glencairn Crystal Decanter with Auchentoshan 1966 inside, bottled at 43% in the late 1980s. Took some research as I had never seen this one before, but what a beauty indeed. A grand addition to the collection.


I have the best friends! Really. Recently got this amazing custom made Toshan Man T-shirt that is absolutely fabulous. I love it!


Lovely new independent bottle added: Auchentoshan 2000/2019 Sherry Hogshead from Malts of Scotland. Hurray!


Some new additions to the Toshan Collection: two new miniatures from Malts of Scotland, a lanyard with the New Malt Order logo and a great single cask by Signatory for La Maison du Whisky. Nice!


I have just added no les than 16 new tasting notes (and 4 videos) bringing the total of tasted Toshan up to a whopping 219. Enjoy!


Obviously, as The Toshan Man I try to get a hold of every single Distillery Only Cask that is released. But unfortunately, I cannot visit the distillery as often as I would like. Luckily, many friends - both within and outside of the distillery - are kind enough to help me obtain those. I was just able to add two more to the collection. Californian Red Wine Cask #3814 at 57.9% and Oloroso Cask #256 at 61.1%, both put to sleep in 2008.


The Toshan Man is fortunate to have friends all over the world. A single oloroso cask from 1990 was bottled exclusively for CWS - Chief Whisky Society - in China! If it weren't for a good friend on the other side of the globe, I don't think I would have been able to get that bottle. Happy dance! Thanks, Joseph!


For some reason, the Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt Annual Edition 02 never made it to my neck of the woods. Luckily I have the best friends in the galaxy and my buddy Heiko from Germany picked me up two bottles. One for the Toshan Temple and one to share! Thanks, Heiko!


Today, one of the whisky community's leading websites - - published an interview with yours truly. For reasons of space, they printed only part of the text, so I took the liberty of printing the whole thing for your reading pleasure on this website. Check out the Toshan Tales!





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