My friend Kit from Russia sent me an incredible package with some goodies for the Toshan Temple. Funny thing: it travelled around the world from Bulgaria to France to Singapore to The Philippines and back to France before arriving in Belgium. Something must have gone wrong along the way, but it's finally here. Thanks, Kit!


Another great find was just added to the collection: Iona, a blend with Auchentoshan at its heart that had it's heyday in the 1920s. Next to impossible to find nowadays, the Toshan Man was able to secure one at an online whisky auction.


It's been a while since I found a great bottle that was still lacking in the collection, but Santa brought me bottle 001/112 of the Auchentoshan 1962, that was bottled in 2003 after 41 long years of maturation. Amazing!


Another great Toshan has arrived at the Temple: Auchentoshan 22 Year Old 1998 bottled exclusively for the Dram Brothers Whisky Society Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Only 67 bottles were released and the last one - no 67 - is now in the collection. Happy!


You'll fine another two new videos in Publications and several new tasting notes as our liquid adventure continues. I even got my hands on a 1970s stash of Glentoshan 5 Year Old for the Italian market. Guess what? It's still very, very tasty!


I recently celebrated my 51st birthday and for the occasion I have released no less than 5 new whisky videos (check Publications) and several new tasting notes, making the total of enjoyed Auchentoshan now a whopping 241! Enjoy.


Be sure to check out the tasting notes section, as no less than 6 new have been added. More to come as over the coming holidays I'll try another 6 of my favorite Lowlander. Enjoy.


It's nice to have friends all over the place. Malts of Scotland recently launched an Auchentoshan 2000 Marsala Wine Cask for the German delicatessen shop Der Feinschmecker and that made it tricky to get a hold of it. Enter Heiko, my German friend, and in less than two weeks the bottle got a nice spot in the Toshan Temple.





I'm always looking for samples, so contact me for a trade/sale!