Whisky and friendship go hand-in-hand in my exprience. What's nicer than sharing a good dram with friends, eh? And often, it is also the gift of friendship, but when it's personalized like this, I am truly chuffed. Thanks, Manny, for getting me the latest Distillery Only Cask #295 with that personal touch. You rock!


Today was a good day for the Toshan Man collection. No less than five new independent bottles found their way to the Toshan Temple!


Auchentoshan gift boxes? Yes, please! Found a nice Three Wood gift pack with miniature from the late 2000s.


Auchentoshan beer? Well, sort of. Just got my hands on two Dutch beers that were matured in a former Ambassador cask.


I was very happy to get a visit from Team Russia, with Kit Yalta - Auchentoshan Brand Ambassador in Moscow - and his co-workers. We spent some time at the Toshan Temple and then had a lovely dinner together. That's what whisky is all about: friendship!


Sometimes you have to get a little lucky... I got very lucky this week in scoring the Auchentoshan 31 Year Old 1965 single sherry cask #2507 for a very reasonable price and in mint condition. A lovely new bottle in my collection.


I truly have the best friends in the Galaxy. My friend Manny drove three hours to get these bottles for me and then another 8 hours to bring them and get back home. How's that for friendship?!


In 2015 Eiling Lim released a 23 Year Old 1992 Auchentoshan, but by the time I found out, all 132 bottles were sold out. I have been looking for it ever since, but now they have found me! Yep, none other than Mrs Eiling Lim herself contacted me after she was able to secure two bottles from a private collection. Needless to say, I am happy. Thank you, Mrs Lim!


Spring and summer are - for me - the ideal period to sip Auchentoshan. Hence you can find no less than 10 new tasting notes here, bringing the total up to 204. Enjoy.


At the Whisy Fair in Limburg, I met whisky artist Monique Tromp-Slegers. I was impressed by her artwork and commissioned an Auchentoshan cask head. The result is a stunning piece of art. It has been put in a prominent place in the Toshan Temple.


Malts of Scotland, the famous German bottler, recently released two Auchentoshan for the German market. A special thanks to Billy for helping me to add these to my collection!


Ah, it's been a while, but I have not been sitting still. Many new items were added to the collection, including a new Distillery Only Bordeaux Cask #3835 (both 20 and 70cl), a pen, a metal standee and - From Russia With Love - the Bartenders Malt Saint Petersburg Edition, a 12 Year Old single cask expression exclusively produced for Kirill, a famous bartender in... Saint Petersburg (doh!).


Another X-mas, another cask head. This time, it was a work of art by a French wood carver, who made this cask head to order. I must say, I am very chuffed with the result and it will get a nice spot right next to the cabinet in the Toshan Temple.





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