A great gift from Cinoco, the Belgian importer of Auchentoshan whisky: an elaborately packaged version of the new Auchentoshan American Oak.


From now on I can go to the Toshan Man HQ in style, wearing my grey silky soft Auchentoshan tie!


It is beginning to look like winter is going to skip my neck of the woods this year around, so I do not have much use for my brand new Auchentoshan bonnet. C'mon! Bring on the snow!


No less than 14 (yep, you read that right: fourteen!) new tasting notes are now online. Check them out here! I have now a track record of 134 tasting notes online! Well, as long as my liver agrees, I'll keep on tasting these wonderful Toshan expressions!


Two new videos can be found on the Toshan Man site, the first documenting a battle of two independent bottlings (Auchentoshan 12 Years Provanance versus Auchentoshan 15 Years Old Particular) from the Doublas Laing stables, while the second takes you back to the Auchentoshan distillery in Glasgow and reveals the Auchentoshan 1996 from the Bottle Your Own programme. A feast!


Last Sunday, I hosted my 44th Toshan Birthday tasting with no less than 28 friends. The nectar we tasted was flabbergasting. It will be a birthday long remembered. The full report can be found here.


I have just posted a full report with loads of photos of my visit - with Sofie, Niek & Ilse - to the Auchentoshan distillery. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed our weekend in Glasgow. Click here for find out more!


I have just returned from another (double) visit to my home away from home. You may expect a full report with loads of photos and an update of the collection in the coming days. Thanks to all the staff at Auchentoshan and many friends in Glasgow to make this an unforgettable weekend. It was a blast!


Today I added a golf ball to the collection, as well as a miniature Auchentoshan 1981 from Signatory. Lastly, two new indie full bottles, the Auchentoshan 12 Year Old 1999 from Cadenhead and an Auchentoshan 24 Year Old 1989 from Carn Mor.


The Toshan Man Collection keeps expanding. I added two great looking double bottle displays as well as a stack of napkins.


Flights and hotel are booked! I am finally going back to Auchentoshan! I am so excited that I even created a little video. Check it out here!


No cold winter for me, as I have just added both a winter jacket and hot toddy cups to the collection. Happy holidays, everybody! Check it out here!


Another great collectible has been added to the Toshan Man Collection: a clock in leather pouch. I had never seen this before. Check it out here!


My very own Auchentoshan, the 24 year old 1989 Save Lars Whisky, is close to being sold out. So I thought it was way overdue to post tasting notes! Check them out! You may also wish to view the video rambling that I created. Enjoy!


A new addition to the ever growing Toshan Man collection, this old Auchentoshan Pure Malt is from the Eadie Cairns era, before Stanley P Morrison took over. Liquid history!


A wonderful gift from the Belgian importer of Auchentoshan. A wooden box announcing the Auchentoshan American Oak, containing a sample, a jar with wood shavings, a piece of a North American cask stave and a engraved USB-stick containing the promotional video about this new release, that will replace the Classic. I'm looking forward to trying it soon!


And finally, here is video number three about the newly released Auchentoshan Virgin Oak. Surprisingly fruity and spicy and I quite like it. I'm sure you will too!


Here is video number two, the Auchentoshan 14 Year Old 1999 from Cadenhead's. Quite a young whisky but very nice indeed! Enjoy!


Auchentoshan Select 1994 The Video. Sounds a bit pompous, no?  Nevertheless, I shot this little video last summer and just put it online today. It will be followed by two more videos later this week. Enjoy!


My very own Auchentoshan! Yes, I have released an independent bottling of Auchentoshan as a tribute to the fantastic Save Lars project that I lead a year ago (in which six Star Wars fans from around the world restored the iconic movie location in the Tunisian desert). All information on this exclusive whisky can be found here!


New tasting notes are now published. We have added no less than 10, 5 officials, 4 indies and 1 cask sample. Check them out! In the next couple of days, I will also be publishing three new videos with Auchentoshan tastings. Enjoy!





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