You'll fine another two new videos in Publications and several new tasting notes as our liquid adventure continues. I even got my hands on a 1970s stash of Glentoshan 5 Year Old for the Italian market. Guess what? It's still very, very tasty!


I recently celebrated my 51st birthday and for the occasion I have released no less than 5 new whisky videos (check Publications) and several new tasting notes, making the total of enjoyed Auchentoshan now a whopping 241! Enjoy.


Be sure to check out the tasting notes section, as no less than 6 new have been added. More to come as over the coming holidays I'll try another 6 of my favorite Lowlander. Enjoy.


It's nice to have friends all over the place. Malts of Scotland recently launched an Auchentoshan 2000 Marsala Wine Cask for the German delicatessen shop Der Feinschmecker and that made it tricky to get a hold of it. Enter Heiko, my German friend, and in less than two weeks the bottle got a nice spot in the Toshan Temple.


It's been a few good weeks for the Toshan Man. Not only was I able to release my very own Auchentoshan in the Artist Series from MMM (Mark & Manny's Malt), but I also scored the latest Malts of Scotland release, two Distillery Exclusives and a set of bottles from Douglas Laing's highly anticipated Halloween 2020 release. Slàinte!


The Asian triptych is now complete. It took close to military manoeuvres, but besides the 1990 for China and the 1987 for Singapore, I have now also added the 31 years old Auchentosan 1987 for Taiwan to the collection. With a big thank you to my friend Keith in Singapore to make this happen.


I turned to social media to get some help in securing the Auchentoshan 30 Year Old 1987 exclusive single cask for Singapore. My friend Keith - who lives there - acquired it for me, while my buddy Davide - who went on holiday there in January 2020 - picked it up and brought it to Milan. Then the world went into lockdown, but today the bottle has finally reached Belgium. A big thank you, my friends, for helping me add this beautiful whisky to my ever expanding collection.


Only now have I found the time to update my website again, but what an update. I have added several new items that I have received as gifts for my 50th birthday and must say that one item stand out - and then some! At the Auchentoshan Festival in 2012, former head distiller Jeremy Stephens created two beers. I already had the Auchentoshan Ale in my collection but thus far had not yet even seen the Auchentoshan Summer Gold Real Ale yet. Lo and behold, Mr Stephens presented me with bottle number 1 (!!!) of 750 at my birthday dinner. Several happy dances were made indeed! Thx, Jeremy. Much appreciated.


At my 50th birthday party I received some lovely gifts, including Auchentoshan cask samples from 1977, 1978 and 1998 and some new make. Happy dance!


Today marks my 50th birthday! What better way than to celebrate with your very own official Toshan Man Birthday Bottling. And I got 50, so plenty to share.


Just in time for the holidays, I received my three bottles of Auchentoshan Sauvignon Blanc Finish, ideal as my Xmas aperitif. It's an Amazon Exclusive, but am happy to be able to score these bottles with the help of a friend.


Big update, peeps! No less than 9 new tasting notes (look for those dated 30/10), 5 new videos and thre new bottles added (American Oak Reserve, Dark Oak and another beautiful distillery cask). Enjoy!


Another small update to the Toshan Man Collection. Added a miniatures from Malts of Scotland's Warehouseshop, a custom made light grey Toshan Man T-shirt and was also able to secure two bottles of Douglas Laing's Old Particular Auchentoshan 22 Year Old 1996 Halloween Edition. Turns out it's quite a brilliant malt!





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