Auchentoshan just celebrated it's 200th anniversary with a fantastic festival and and outstanding exclusive release of a 25 years old malt. It goes without saying that The Toshan Man was there, enjoyed the party and got himself a bottle of that exclusive nectar. Find out all about it in articles in Distillery Visit & Toshan Tales. Enjoy!


Hurray, another official release added to the collection. It had been quite a while since I was able to do that, but now the 21 Year Old 1981 single cask 4613 is part of the ever expanding collection.


Happy New Year! On the eve of my birthday, I was able to add another great bottle to my collection. It's a 1960s blend containing quite a bit of Auchentoshan: Maclachlan's 8 Year Old Five Castles. Love it!


Asta Morris, Belgian independent bottler and a personal friend, has just released 164 bottles from a single cask that was put to sleep in 1998. This 24 Year Old Auchentoshan is simply outstanding, so I got me a box of 6 bottles to last me until spring... Check it out here.


Finn Thomson, a relatively new independent bottler, has just released 180 bottles from a single cask that was put to sleep in 1989. This 32 Year Old Auchentoshan is simply outstanding and a true treasure to add to my Auchentoshan collection. Check it out here.


The Thompson Brothers, Phil & Simon, have released their very first Auchentoshan, a 24 year old from 1998. It's a vatting of 2 refill barrels that together yielded just over 300 bottles. I'm very happy to add this one to the Toshan Temple. Check it out here.


Today I was able to add another Distillery Exclusive to the collection, a port cask finish. The distillery's exclusives now sport a new label, aligned with the recent rebranding. Check it out here.


My friend Kit from Russia sent me an incredible package with some goodies for the Toshan Temple. Funny thing: it travelled around the world from Bulgaria to France to Singapore to The Philippines and back to France before arriving in Belgium. Something must have gone wrong along the way, but it's finally here. Thanks, Kit!


Another great find was just added to the collection: Iona, a blend with Auchentoshan at its heart that had it's heyday in the 1920s. Next to impossible to find nowadays, the Toshan Man was able to secure one at an online whisky auction.


It's been a while since I found a great bottle that was still lacking in the collection, but Santa brought me bottle 001/112 of the Auchentoshan 1962, that was bottled in 2003 after 41 long years of maturation. Amazing!





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