Wampa Way

This page is a report of the trip we did from 31st March until 7th April 2007. With loads of photos!

Day 6

By morning, the wind had lessened, but not by much.  We cleared the shack of our empty cans and bottles (I had no idea 13 people could drink so much in just a few hours!) and stumbled back to Finse 1222 where we had stored our bags.  Today we would be saying goodbye to the glacier and take the train back to Oslo.

We had another one of the copious breakfasts and fixed our final lunch packs.  Most of us went out to say goodbye to the glacier in our own way. 

We thanked Merete of the Finse 1222 hotel with lots of tusen takk (a thousand thanks) for all the trouble she went through to accommodate us and to make sure our trip went smooth.  She was there all the way for us every single day.  If it weren’t for her, the trip might have looked mighty different.  She made sure we got our bags, were able to see the film, mediated for the skis and the snowspeeders and arranged for the alternate sleeping quarters.  She was definitely part of our tribe!

Getting on the train was pretty tricky for the wind was extremely cold and biting.  By the time I got on my ears were hurting.  We got into first class (the little extra you have to pay for this is really worth it – large seats, lots of legroom, little tables, electricity outlets to load your camera and cell phone batteries and free coffee!) and settled in for the 4,5 hour ride back to the capital of Norway.

We arrived in Oslo Central Station around 6 pm and walked the half a mile up to our hotel.  We arranged to settle in, take a shower and meet again to have dinner in the local Hard Rock Café – burgers and fries at last!