Wampa Way

This page is a report of the panel I did on stage during the Jedi Con 2008 in Düsseldorf (Germany). You can see the panel in 7 seperate episodes!

Heading for Hoth Panel - live on stage

In March 2008 I was a guest speaker at the Jedi Con 2008, the biggest Star Wars convention on the European continent.

Apart from my live performances of the Star Wars Cantina and The Saga Begins songs (during the opening and closing ceremonies, respectively), I gave a 1-hour long panel about the trip to Finse on Saturday morning.


I was happy to see so many people present to hear about this expedition, including some familiar faces - many of the Hoth Hoppers (and even Tatooine Pioneers) were present to give me moral support.


The public seemed to enjoy themselves with my explanations - and wisecracks - and gave me a nice, heartwarming round of applause after the panel.

You can see the whole panel on the (bottom of the) videos page. A big thank you to Chrischi, Rick and Colin for providing this footage.