Wampa Way

This page offers a link to a day-to-day report of the trip we did from 31st March until 7th April 2007. With loads of photos! Be sure to check out the special comparishots page! And lastly, I gave a panel - live on stage - at the Jedi Con (Düsseldorf, Germany) in April 2008. You can find the report and the videos here!

Tour Guide

My name is Mark Dermul.  I was born in 1970 and live in Belgium.

I have been a Star Wars fan since first seeing the film on the silver screen as a 7-year old kid.  Since then, I've been hooked.

While a branch manager for a bank in my professional life, I'm still very much involved with Star Wars in my personal life.  Apart from a huge personal collection of autographs (see www.markdermul.be) and other collectibles, I am also president of Star Force Events, regularly organizing cultural events, usually with some link to my favourite saga.

Last but surely not least, I have organized three Star Wars related trips to Tunisia in 2001, 2003 and 2005, aptly named 'Trip to Tatooine'. I plan a reunion in 2010.

I have always wanted to visit the icy plains of Hoth and in 2007  this dream came true.

Hoth Hoppers

These twelve friends came along with me on this freezing expedition and (if they were not already) became friends for a lifetime.

Christian Quast (Germany)                Anja Aderhold-Quast (Germany)

Michel Lefebvre (Belgium)                Sandra Deplancke (Belgium)

Rob Schneider (USA)                        Daniel Gushard (USA)

Colin Kenworthy (UK)                        Rick Snijder (Holland)

Jeroen Tolpe (Belgium)                    Jan Ide (Belgium)

Cristian Macht (USA)                    ... and my wife Sofie (Belgium)