Day 7 - Friday 28 May 2010

Photos by Robert Cunningham & Mark Dermul.

Waking up in the middle of the set dressing of the Lars Homestead at the Sidi Driss hotel in Matmata is quite an experience. Do you remember the last time you opened your eyes and your first words were ‘Oh, wow!’? Exactly.

Since we weren’t really in a big hurry – today would simply be a long jeep drive back to Houmt Souk on the island of Jerba – we took the time to have a long and Star Wars themed breakfast. In the movie, Luke and his guardians Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru drink some sort of blue milk. Needless to say that – thanks to UK Pioneer Terry who brought the blue food colouring and exact replica cups from the original company – we had our very own blue yogmash as well during breakfast.

Terry borrowed Mike’s Sandtrooper gear thus claiming the title of being the first UK member of the 501st garrison to troop at this location. Good times! But alas, soon came the time to say goodbye to this wonderful place.

The jeep drive to Jorf was hot and uneventful, but the crossing by ‘le bac’ to Jerba was able to cool things down a bit, thanks for a wonderful breeze. We continued on to Guellala, the village where pottery has been an artform for hundreds of years. The men create the pottery and the women are responsible for the intricate paintwork on them. Souvenir time!

Then we drove on to Houmt Souk where we could leave our bags at the hotel Marhalla and relax for the rest of the day. Some of us went out to buy souvenirs, others stocked up on harissa, a wonderful spicy tomato/pepper mix served with every meal as an appetizer (you dip your bread in it). Hmmmm…

In the hotel’s inner courtyard we spent the remainder of the evening with some cool drinks and exchanged stories and experiences. We even had Terry read us from his own sci-fi comedy book Kangazang (I would recommend it to everyone) before hitting the sack one final time.

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